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With the sun shining, everything appears bright and beautiful,

There is color in the gardens,

I cannot all the Species rehearse,

Of Roses, in the narrow bounds of Verse.

Some curl’d, some wav’d about the tops are found,

Others with a thousand leaves are crowned. Through which the flamingo colors do appear.

Others are single – not t’insist on here. Either the Damask or the Numidian Rose,

Or Citrus, which in Lusitania grows. Roses unarm’d, if you the earth prepare,

May be produc’d, but that in danger are, because unguarded, for what excellence,

Can be secure on earth without defence?…

Poem by Rene’ Rapin

Roses from my garden

With the warm weather upon us, we try to soak in the warmth by sitting outside at cafes.

Some of my favorite cafes in Paris.

We travel and visit museums

The multi-coloured environment influences our mood so much so that we tend to bring it indoors into our homes to make them bright and cheerful.

Photos shot at Centre Pompidou, Paris.

All the above photographs taken by Anu Arora


My love of Gardens takes me all over the world, here are some Springtime inspirations from my travels.

I sowed the seeds of love,
‘Twas early in the Spring,
In April, May and in June likewise,
The small birds they do sing.
- anon

Villa Ephrussi de Rothshild, French Riviera

Palais Royale, Paris


Le Jardin Botanique du Val Rahmeh in Menton


Musee Carnavalet

Pacific Heights, San Francisco

Cochin, India

All above photographs taken by Anu Arora